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Do You Want A Black President?

White supremacist anti-Obama leaflets distributed in New Jersey town

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Do You Want A Black President?

SEPTEMBER 24--In a glimpse of what may be to come in the final weeks before Election Day, a white supremacist group peppered a New Jersey neighborhood with an anti-Barack Obama political leaflet asking, 'Do You Want A Black President?'

The leaflet, a copy of which you'll find here, was distributed by the New Jersey-based League of American Patriots, which notes on its web site that membership is 'restricted to adult heterosexual men and women who are entirely of European Christian ancestry.' The leaflet, which some Roxbury, N.J. residents found Saturday in their driveways, claims that 'Black Ruled Nations most unstable and violent in the world,' and asks, 'Why should we seal our fate by allowing a Black ruler to destroy us?'

The one-page flyer, which misspells the Democratic presidential candidate's first name, includes a doctored photo purporting to show Obama wearing a turban. (1 page)