Diamonds Are A Gangsta's Best Friend

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Diamonds Are A Gangsta's Best Friend

When we're in a quandary about what holiday gift to buy that special someone, we often ask ourselves: What would rap music impresario Suge Knight do?

For the Death Row Records boss, the answer used to be simple: Rolex and Gucci watches, gold necklaces, and diamond-studded pendants.

With Suge (real first name: Marion) doing hard time in a California prison,his choices today are limited to: a) loose cigarettes or b) Cheetos from the commissary.

As these receipts from a Los Angeles jeweler show, Suge's 1995 shopping list included lavish presents for his mother, father,nephew, sisters, friends Stormy and Dimples, someone identified as "wife#4," and Death Row artists Tupac Shakur and Snoop Doggy Dogg.

These documents were filed as part of a lawsuit brought by the jeweler, who claims Suge did not pay his bills. (6 pages)