Cops: Woman Harassed Kids With Sex Toy

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Cops: Woman Harassed Kids With Sex Toy

A Pennsylvania woman is facing criminal charges for allegedly waving a sex toy at her nieces and nephew and striking one of the children on the head with the object.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Linda Schultz, the 36-year-old also threw the object at a 15-year-old niece and told the girl, "Have fun with it." On another occasion, Schultz allegedly put the sex toy in her boxer shorts, placed the item through the garment's fly, and chased a 7-year-old nephew and 8-year-old niece around her Stowe, Pennsylvania home.

Schultz, who is facing lewdness, harassment, and corruption of minor charges, is scheduled for an April 11 arraignment in Montgomery District Court. While the incidents allegedly occurred last June and October, details of Schultz's bizarre behavior surfaced this week in court filings. (3 pages)