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Cops: Woman Battered Beau With Toilet Seat

Floridian, 18, attacked after finding boyfriend smoking crack in loo

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Cops: Woman Battered Beau With Toilet Seat

JULY 14--Meet Kimberlee Ann Cole and Joel Goldsmith.

The Florida woman, 18, allegedly assaulted her boyfriend with a toilet seat after finding him smoking crack in a bathroom of their home Friday afternoon. Cole told cops she battered Goldsmith, 24, after he 'refused to give her the drugs,' according to an arrest affidavit prepared by Fort Pierce police. Goldsmith 'refused to stop smoking the drugs and Ms. Cole hit [him] with the toilet seat,' the affidavit notes. As the couple--parents to an eight-month-old boy--scuffled in the bathroom, Goldsmith dropped a cocaine rock in the shower and Cole tried to wash it down the drain.

Responding to a 911 call placed by a female roommate of the pair, police found blood on the bathroom's walls, floor, and toilet. They also recovered a broken toilet seat, though the affidavit does not indicate whether it was broken over Goldsmith's head or was in disrepair prior to the July 11 incident. In the shower, investigators found a 'small amount of a substance' which field tested positive for cocaine.

Cole and Goldsmith, pictured in their mug shots, were charged, respectively, with domestic battery and cocaine possession. Goldsmith, who would not tell cops what happened in the bathroom, suffered two lacerations on his forehead (and smaller cuts) during the confrontation. (3 pages)