Cops Nailed For An Indecent Exposure

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Cops Nailed For An Indecent Exposure

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Here's two for you:

1) With police regularly being accused of assorted brutality, it's almost refreshing to see a Florida cop getting disciplined for simply exposing his penis (kinda restores TSG's faith in law enforcement). According to these Altamonte Springs Police Department reports, officers Michael LaVoie and Thaddeus Antoszewski used a 14-year-old girl's camera to create an X-rated Kodak moment during a rock concert at a local park:

Page 1: Girl's aunt files complaint.

Pages 2-5: Officers cop to lewd behavior.

Page 6: Suspended without pay.

2) Mark Jakob, the college student popped last week for the Emulex stock hoax, was no master criminal. According to a 30-page FBI affidavit, Jakob left quite a trail for investigators to follow (though we'll spare you the details of Jakob's amateur act). But what we do love is the affidavit's detailing of Jakob's goofy AOL profile. Indeed, LET IT RIDE!!!! (2 pages)