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Con-jugal Visits

Cops: Indiana inmates crawled through ceilings for sexual trysts

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Con-jugal Visits

NOVEMBER 17--Undaunted by a concrete wall separating their respective cellblocks, male and female inmates took advantage of a design flaw in an Indiana jail to engage in late-night sexual trysts.

The Greene County inmates--three men and three women--pried open metal security tiles in the ceiling of their respective dormitory-style housing units to gain access to the adjoining cellblock, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Circuit Court. A copy of that detail-packed, and entertaining, affidavit can be found here.

They were able to get into the lockup next door because the concrete wall separating the spaces did not continue to the building's roof. As first reported by the Bloomfield Free Press, a blind spot in the Greene County jail's security camera system kept officials from quickly spotting the illicit excursions, which began two months ago.

The six inmates, pictured in these mug shots, were charged today with felony escape. Investigators learned of the ceiling hijinks after conducting a search of the cellblocks last month. During that shakedown, the November 14 affidavit notes, investigators found letters in the female dormitory indicating that inmates 'were getting through the ceiling area, and making contact with each other. This contact appears to include sexual activity.'

The first female inmate approached by a sheriff's investigator was asked 'if she knew why I might want to talk to her,' wrote Detective George Dallaire. The woman, who was not charged, 'asked if it had anything to do with the girls going through the ceiling.' (6 pages)