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"Compulsive" Republican's Head Examined

Psych review for felon who mailed threats to Olbermann, Stewart

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"Compulsive" Republican's Head Examined

JANUARY 15--The California man (and self-described 'compulsive' Republican voter) who sent threatening letters containing a white powder to a variety of public figures he thought were too liberal is being examined by a court-appointed psychiatrist in advance of his sentencing on 14 felony counts.

Chad Castagana, 40, was convicted last year of mailing the letters during a two-month period in late-2006. The missives, sent from Woodland Hills, contained either baking soda, laundry detergent, or Ajax, substances that apparently were meant to be mistaken for anthrax or another deadly agent.

As seen in the government trial exhibits on these pages, Castagana sent threats to, among others, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, media mogul Sumner Redstone, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Castagana referred to Redstone as 'Mr. Monopolist' and Pelosi as 'Rep. Cuntface.' In one of six letters sent to Stewart, Castagana included a lewd photo of dead tsunami victim captioned, 'Fuck your wife.'

U.S. District Court Judge Florence-Marie Cooper has ordered Castagana to be examined by Dr. Saul Faerstein, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist who will provide the court with his diagnosis of Castagana, along with recommendations regarding treatment and medication.

When he was arrested, Castagana told FBI agents he was a 'compulsive voter who votes Republican' and that he did not like the 'liberal politics' of the individuals he sent the threat letters, according to a court filing. As he was being driven to jail, however, Castagana's political hard line appeared to evaporate. He commented that he 'hoped for a 'liberal judge.' Defendant then added that he thought it was very 'ironic' that he hoped for a liberal judge.' (6 pages)