A Close Shave: Hitting The Mad Hatter

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A Close Shave: Hitting The Mad Hatter

This Saturday (October 25) marks the fortieth anniversary of the greatest rubout in underworld history. Back in 1957, crime boss Albert Anastasia was gunned down as he got a shave in the barber shop of New York's Park Sheraton hotel. The murder of the bloodthirsty Anastasia, who was alternately known as the "Mad Hatter" and "Lord High Executioner" of Murder Incorporated, was never solved. Here's a selection of documents from the official investigative files on the Anastasia killing. The nine pages, which follow consecutively, include:

Page 1: Original NYPD bulletin.

Page 2: Initial police homicide report.

Page 3: NYPD memo on Anastasia autopsy report.

Page 4: Eyewitness account from manicurist.

Page 5: Crime boss Frank Costello clams up.

Pages 6-8: Summary memo on witnesses and suspects.

Page 9: Anastasia claimed to sell mattresses for a living. And he had a business card to prove it.