Chapman: "I Deserve Nothing."

Lennon's killer tells parole panel he's a big nobody

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Chapman: "I Deserve Nothing."

OCTOBER 15--During a recent parole hearing, John Lennon's killer told authorities that, "I deserve nothing. Because of the pain and suffering I caused, I deserve exactly what I've gotten right now." During an October 5 appearance before a three-member parole panel, Mark David Chapman, 49, also recounted details of his December 1980 murder of the ex-Beatle, noting that the shooting was his demented bid to "steal John Lennon's fame and put it on myself." However, Chapman added, "In some ways I'm a bigger nobody than I was before because, you know, people hate me now instead of, you know, for something positive. So that's a worse state." Below you'll find a transcript of Chapman's latest parole hearing, which was released yesterday by the New York State Division of Parole (the murderer's release bid was rejected for the third time). Chapman, who's housed in protective custody and works as a prison law clerk, is again eligible for parole in October 2006. (27 pages)

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