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Beer Boss Apologizes For Radio Sex Stunt

We can't stand wormy little corporate titans like Jim Koch, chairman of the publicly-held Boston Beer Company, which distributes Samuel Adams products.

As TSG first reported, the 53-year-old Koch (pronounced Cook) was the so-called Grand Marshal of the "Sex for Sam" stunt that got radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony canned. In fact, Koch was actually present in WNEW-FM's Manhattan studio and played a key role in the public sex contest--though he and the beer company didn't admit that until TSG obtained audio clips from the controversial August 15 show.

In a statement released yesterday (8/26), Koch finally offered an apology to "all those upset or offended" by the Opie and Anthony broadcast. "We were not in control of the program, and it was never our intention to be part of a radio station promotion that crossed the line."

Of course, this was the third time Koch's company sponsored the "Sex for Sam" contest. And while acknowledging that his "presence on the show was a lapse in judgment, a serious mistake," Koch has avoided describing just what he was doing in Opie and Anthony's studio.

Along with handing out bottles of Sam Adams to contestants who stopped by the studio to take a break from having sex in cabs, ATM vestibules, and the Disney Store, Koch also served as the contest's official "celebrity" voyeur. That meant if couples had sex in front of Koch, they were awarded 30 points (by comparison, sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral was worth 25 points).

According to the audio clips you'll find below, Koch watched as five couples attempted to obtain those 30 points (only two, um, succeeded). While Koch said he felt embarrassed for the three couples who failed to complete the act before him, he told Opie and Anthony that the competitors were, "awesome, all of 'em, better teams. The quality gets better every year."

Listen to an MP3 clip here: