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Beauty Parlor Speeder Hits 102

Late for appointment, a 72-year-old woman is nabbed

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Beauty Parlor Speeder Hits 102 MPH

MAY 19--Late for a hair appointment, a 72-year-old South Carolina woman yesterday careened across a highway at speeds in excess of 100 mph, nearly hitting another vehicle, before being collared for reckless driving.

When a cop caught up to Sandra Powell's vehicle at an intersection, she 'was upset because she was late for a hair appointment,' according to a City of Union Police Department report. When Sgt. Richard Powers asked if she knew how fast she was going (in a 45 mph zone), Powell 'stated yes, that she was going 100MPH.' Dashcam footage shows that Powell told Powers, 'I'm on my way to get my hair cut. And I went in the wrong direction. Now I'm running late because I'm supposed to be there at 10.' After she was cuffed and placed in a police cruiser, Powell remarked, 'A first for me. I guess everybody has to have a first.'

Powell, pictured in this mug shot, was booked yesterday morning into the county jail on a misdemeanor rap. A personal property receipt shows that she was carrying a green purse and $20 when busted. The name of the beauty parlor to which she was rushing is unknown. (3 pages)