The Bankrupt Babe Who "Bedded" Regis

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The Bankrupt Babe Who "Bedded" Regis

Who really knows if Regis Philbin got busy with that ex-cheerleader who sold her story of their "affair" to the National Enquirer?

But, as Fox News's Roger Friedman first reported, Maria Majerek previously filed for bankruptcy--and probably could use the cash a tawdry tabloid tale would yield.

According to this excerpt from Majerek's Chapter 7 petition--which was filed in March 1998 and discharged later that year--the Indiana woman owed about $44,000 to creditors, including various banks and credit card companies. Majerek, who also ran up debts in connection with a now shuttered gift shop, also listed an unpaid $645 "counseling" bill from a Michigan mental health facility. (7 pages)