Bank-Robbin' Bonnie Was Really A Clyde

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Bank-Robbin' Bonnie Was Really A Clyde

APRIL 1--Usually, we don't pay much attention to the scores of pistoleros sticking up banks these days. But when Bonnie turns out to be Clyde, TSG takes notice (this surveillance photo was taken Tuesday at a Commerce Bank branch in Garden City, Kansas).

The gunman was decked out in a beautiful bonnet, wig, white gloves, and, now that spring has sprung, a festive floral sundress. He accessorized with a sporty handgun and got away with an undisclosed amount. But the dude who looked like a lady, 42, was later apprehended after cops were able to track the rental car to his 37-year-old wife/wheelwoman.

Many thanks to Andrew Mahoney, morning host/news director at Garden City's KIUL Radio, who told us about the dude who looked like a lady. (1 page)

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"Honey, can I borrow that pretty sundress of yours? I need to rob a bank, and I just don't have a thing to wear!"