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Amazon's Jeff Bezos In Helicopter Crash

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Amazon's Jeff Bezos In Helicopter Crash

MARCH boss Jeff Bezos avoided serious injuries last Thursday when a helicopter in which he was riding crashed in mountainous terrain in west Texas.

According to a Federal Aviation Administration preliminary report, the Gazelle copter carrying Bezos, his executive assistant, and another passenger hit a tree during take-off and crashed, winding up partially submerged in a creek.

The 39-year-old Bezos, who was in the area scouting properties for possible purchase, suffered a head laceration in the crash. Brewster County Sheriff's Office deputies took Bezos and his fellow passengers to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Click here for a photo of the accident scene provided to TSG by the sheriff.

While Bezos is not identified by name in the FAA report, local cops confirmed that the Amazon CEO was aboard the helicopter. An Amazon spokesman has declined comment on Bezos's close call. (2 pages)