Alfred E. Neuman: A Marked Man

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Alfred E. Neuman: A Marked Man

In light of recent myriad screw ups, criticizing or lampooning the FBI has become standard media fare. But when J. Edgar Hoover ran the joint, the bureau wouldn't stand for such swipes--and often retaliated by investigating its foes. So that's why it's great to see that Mad magazine wasn't intimidated by Hoover and seemed to take pleasure in needling the Director.In these excerpts from the magazine's FBI file, Hoove r& Co. again show they've got one lousy sense of humor:

Pages 1-4: Draft dodger rag.

Pages 5-8: The Honorable J. Edgar Electrolux.

Pages 9-12: Kids do the darndest things.

Photo special: We won't be retiring to Boca.

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