That Ain't Extortion, It's Advertising!

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That Ain't Extortion, It's Advertising!

Kathleen Willey Polygraph Report

At the time, it must have seemed like a brilliant idea to the gang at Berenter, Greenhouse & Webster, a New York ad agency specializing in targeting the children's market. In a bid to drum up more business--the firm already repped Matchbox toys and Gund teddy bears--BGW sent dozens of CEOs nationwide packages containing a "ransom note" and a small gift. While it clearly appeared to be an advertising ploy, the folks at Chicago's William Wrigley Company thought their boss's kids might be in peril. So the firm called in the gumshoes at the FBI, which launched a criminal probe that included a "linguistic review" of the ransom note (probably written by an educated woman, the bureau concluded). After about 10 days, as these memos show, the FBI figured out that the notes were only an advertising gimmick. They were forced to let BGW off with a stern warning. (8 pages)

According to this FBI polygraph report, Kathleen Willey was telling the truth about being groped by Bill Clinton in the White House. Imagine that. (3 pages)