$65 Million Man's Boozy Blunder

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$65 Million Man's Boozy Blunder

Hey, everyone's been there before: You win a $65 million Powerball drawing. You get seriously liquored up. While inebriated, you write a $500,000 check toy our nasty ex-girlfriend. Then you have to sue her to get the dough back. Well, that's poor Mack Wayne Metcalfe's predicament, according to these court papers filed recently in Kentucky's circuit court. In his amusing affidavit, Metcalfe claims Deborah Hodge hectored the half-mil from him--and then demanded a Corvette to boot. Wow, the rich aren't like you and me. (6 pages)

We wish Dick Cheney's wife would leave Eminem alone.The poor kid's got issues with his Moms and the Man.

Archive: Bobby Knight's good conduct clause. Funny stuff.

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