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Versace: Case Closed

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Summary Report On Versace Murder

Comprehensive Incident Report

Eyewitness Accounts

Interview With Versace's Companion

Versace And Male Escorts

Interpol Report On Versace Family

America's Most Wanted: A Close Call

Cunanan Friend Speaks

A Killer's Paper Trail

Down With The Ship

On December 30, after more than five months of investigation, Miami Beach police officially closed their probe into the murder of designer Gianni Versace and released hundreds of pages of reports compiled during the lengthy case. While the documents detail law enforcement's extensive effort to track down Andrew Cunanan, they do not answer why the so-called "spree killer" targeted Versace and four other men in a cross-country rampage. "The real answer to that went down with the ship, so to speak, when Andrew Cunanan committed suicide," said police chief Richard Baretto, referring to the houseboat where Cunanan killed himself.

What follows is a variety of investigative records from the Versace murder and Cunanan suicide cases, documents touching on everything from Versace's use of male prostitutes to witness accounts of the murder to Cunanan's various likes and dislikes. The few redactions were done by Miami Beach police.

Summary Report On Versace Murder (3 pages)

Comprehensive Incident Report (12 pages)

Eyewitness Accounts (3 pages)

Interview With Versace's Companion (2 pages)

Versace And Male Escorts (5 pages)

Interpol Report On Versace Family (2 pages)

America's Most Wanted: A Close Call (2 pages)

Cunanan Friend Speaks (3 pages)

A Killer's Paper Trail (1 page)

Down With The Ship (3 pages)