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Cops: Trump Backer Walloped Political Foe

Retired cop, 58, is facing assault charge

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Trump Brawl

APRIL 26--A Donald Trump supporter is facing an assault charge after allegedly pummeling a friend during a dinner argument about the Republican presidential candidate, according to South Carolina police.

Kenneth Tillotson, a retired New Jersey cop, was dining last month at a Myrtle Beach home when he began “arguing over politics” with Lawrence O’Drobinak, 63.

The 58-year-old Tillotson, a Trump supporter, “became angry” and told O’Drobinak to “fuck off” since “he did not know who he was dealing with,” police noted.

When O’Drobinak told Tillotson, “Fuck you too,” Tillotson “came across the table and punched the victim in the face.” Tillotson then continued pummeling O’Drobinak until he was pulled off the victim by witness John Scott, in whose home the men were guests.

When cops arrived at the Scott residence, Tillotson had already left for his nearby home. O’Drobinak, investigators noted, had “injuries to his face.”

Tillotson, seen above, was subsequently arrested for assault and battery. Tillotson, who had “bruising to his lip” claimed not to have struck O’Drobinak first, but said that he did get out of his chair and grabbed O’Drobinak’s shirt.

In a civil suit filed this month, Scott stated that Tillotson “started the fight,” which caused $1359 in damages to his home. In reply to the lawsuit, Tillotson reimbursed Scott for the damages, but noted that the payment did not “waive any rights or privileges” in connection with the pending criminal case.

Tillotson, free on a $1096 personal recognizance bond, has been ordered by a judge to have no contact with O’Drobinak. (3 pages)