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This T.I. Is Quite A Dumb Fellow

Star faces prison for rolling with felon named “C-Rod”


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T.I. Probation Violation

"C-Rod" Arrest Report

SEPTEMBER 17--Along with allegedly possessing Ecstasy and testing positive for opiates, T.I. could have his federal probation revoked for associating with a convicted felon who actually helped facilitate the rapper’s illegal purchase of the rifles and handguns that landed him in federal prison, records show.

T.I. (real name: Clifford Harris) was accompanied by Cortez “C-Rod” Thomas when the performer’s vehicle was pulled over in a September 1 traffic stop in Los Angeles. A search of the Maybach turned up Ecstasy, which triggered the filing of drug charges against T.I. and his wife (and prompted federal officials yesterday to file a notice seeking a probation revocation hearing for the 29-year-old performer).

Thomas’s rap sheet includes marijuana, cruelty to children, and property damage convictions, according to the revocation notice, a copy of which you’ll find here. Harris’s “probation officer did not give the defendant permission to associate with Cortez Thomas,” according to the document.

Additionally, Georgia court and police records show that Thomas’s rap sheet was recently supplemented with fresh felony convictions. Arrested in February on gun and Ecstasy possession charges, Thomas pleaded guilty in late-May to four counts, but somehow avoided a prison sentence (instead, he was sentenced to a whopping 15 years probation). Click here to read the Atlanta Police Department report describing Thomas's most recent bust, which was triggered, of course, by the smell of pot wafting from his SUV.

During their weapons probe of Harris, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents learned that Harris gave Thomas $7000 for the purchase of firearms. Thomas then gave the cash to a Harris bodyguard--who had no criminal record--for the purchase of three rifles and four handguns. The bodyguard, Corey Williams, was subsequently arrested in an ATF sting and immediately agreed to cooperate against Harris. He eventually recorded telephone calls with the rapper and wore a recording device during a face-to-face meeting.

Thomas was not charged in connection with Harris’s felony case. Still, you’d think the mere fact that federal agents were aware that “C-Rod” served as a weapons go-between would be enough for Harris--only months out of custody--to steer clear of his fellow felon.

Thomas, a sometimes collaborator of T.I., has previously recorded for the rapper’s Grand Hustle label as part of P$C, or Pimp Squad Click. Which might explain the fur in the above photo. (2 pages)

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T=two I= idiot tiny== no brain
He was just living the life, which would be a good sentence for a judge to give him instead of the ridiculous probation he was already afforded.
T.I needs his ass kicked. after all that crap he was in, he has the odessay to get out and ride around smoking weed in his car. dont they have a 15 room house with 75 thousands sq,feet could they have not smoked at home. dont they have friends in LA they could have went to their house. he is the stupidest thing that ever shiat thru shoes. and she is too. she was on her way to being on top with the reality show and now look. they ass should be proled to there house and never come out again. want to make a statement TI stay your ass out of the papers on dumb shiat. next time smoke & drink before you go out in your million dollar car & clothes. both of ya stupid
this guy grew up to fast and never had a great support team including his wifee she was the incorrect cougar for tip tip sorry but this time its over and tiny be a better support team
Mymy I seen Dumb in my time , but this boy takes the cake. and Profile ?? hell yeah, you look lke a freakin criminal then your to be looked on with suspicion. Live with it. I see a group of bad ass Pants hanging brothas, I figure, this is the place to get my Dime bag or any other illegal stuff I may need, after all they did coin the phrase " I got what you Neeed "
Changing my comment
I am White, but the color of the skin does NOT make the man. There are both black and whites that are getting tired of this racial issue. Yes its true that the black man has it tougher in America, than the white man. Doing illegal stupid acts, when you are already in trouble, does not help any. Even Salleyinthealley906 agrees to that. Your actions speak for who you are, not your skin color. What is in your heart and how you treat your brother is who you are, not your skin color. I have brothers with skin of many colors. I respect, and treat them the way they treat me, and any and all of them are welcome to my table for dinner, and welcome in my house to stay. You want to talk about stupid? Stupid is looking at another man, seeing the color of his skin, and think you know his heart, I am telling you now. There are powers out there that are putting the racial issue out there trying to get the hate to erupt in to a explosion of violence of color against color, in hopes that we wipe each other out. I just hope we are not so stupid we fall for that. Because to kill or be killed because of a lie, is a sad, sad, story. What a waste of some beautiful people. I know there are blacks and whites that are much, much more intelligent than that. This has got to stop. There are no winners if it goes on. because if it goes on...there will not be anybody left !!!! May you prosper much, in all you do!!!!.
I'm sorry, racial profiling is one thing, but being a dumb ass is a completely different thing. And yes, I'm black, and no @davink, you obviously are not black because you wouldn't speak so ignorantly about a race of people whose culture you're obviously not familiar with. Moving on, what the hell possessed T.I.'s stupid ass to go back to the scene of the crime, as we call it. Dude got his jacked up for 2 years, he's stupid ass is on probation and he goes back!!!!! hanging with the same trash!!!!!??? Hood rule 101, DO NOT GO BACK TO THE SAME ELEMENTS! RUN as far as you can away from shiat that gets your stupid ass in trouble! These are weapons charges, not stealing candy from a store! Plus, you black, you whipping a Maybach, you in a racist ass southern state, can someone say, you just got out of prison, keep a low ass profile?!!!! T.I., I dig your musc, but this was stupid and if you go back to jail and your probation is revoked, I won't like it, but I damn sure will understand it.
THAT CHICK, you obviously are black, because nobody could utter the complete blind bullshiat that I read attributed to you. Oh, "He's had a ruff last couple of years...". No moron. He was in prison for GUN CHARGES. He gets out, is literally has a music career handed to him and he *** it up because he thinks he's a gangsta. Well, you know what? There's LOTS of gangstas in FEDERAL PRISON. And I'll bet TI looks awfully pretty to some of those gangstas. He can sing his songs while he takes it up the ass!!! Maybe there will be a DVD!! Fark you, TI. No sympathy.
TI is a dumbass.hes going back to prison if they treat him like everyone else.I've dealt with the BOP as an inmate and this is a go back violation.It don't look like his girl gives a shiat either.
You know, just because he's black doesn't mean he was racially-profiled. I'm so SICK AND TIRED of being held personally accountable for the suffering of black ppl's ancestry just because I'm white. From what the article says, he was a bad guy who needed to be prosecuted. I don't care WHAT color is effing skin is! That Chick is irrational. They have crazy pills for that, ya know. I bet you thought OJ was innocent as well. *rolls eyes* Idiot.
The only Rap these losers need is the one applied across 'dese' idiots' skulls.
>> They are picking on him bc he is a big time rapper..... when the rest of us are out here doing the same thing an not getting locked up.<< Speak for yourself. I think the vast majority of the population aren't into buying up guns & drugs. And those that do *should* be arrested and put away (at least the ones buying up drugs). T.I.'s got enough money & talent to get away from that stuff and stay out of trouble, and what does he do with that opportunity? Blow it. Guess he can't get away from the ghetto mentality. And if you think that's a racist statement, it's not; it's a mindset I've seen in whites, as well, plus I have a lot of African-American friends who would say the same thing about him.
@CrouchingBruin -- You obviously have no idea how dangerous just simply being a successful rapper is. I'm not talking about just the general "target because your rich". I can't even count how many rappers have been murdered. T.I. had one of his closest friends get murdered by someone at a club because the guy was mad he couldn't get in the VIP section while T.I. and his entourage were there. He felt "disrespected" and so he chases them down in traffic and fires into their van when they leave the club. So it makes perfect sense to me why he was buying guns -- FOR PROTECTION. Or another scenario -- your out of town doing a concert, go to a club afterwards, some random thug see's your Bentley in the parking lot and the jewelery your wearing and decides to rob you -- guess what he is probably going to use a GUN to do it, since you have security around you the chances increase a lot that someone gets shot. I don't know about you, but I would 100% guaranteed be carrying a gun if I was rich and famous. Hell, I carry guns all the time now (permit says I can legally, thank you) because I've had 2 guns put to my head here in Indianapolis and I'm not anything near being rich. Only difference is T.I. has a felony on his record so it makes it illegal for him to ever own a gun, so he had to go the illegal route to protect himself and his family.
Or ... just hear me out here ... you could live a peaceful life. Why would someone with his resources need to spend his life "Clubbing"?
Fight Fire with Fire and guns with guns? huh? there are no winners, everyone will eventually feel diss'd and want revenge, and since nobody use words and only caps now...then there will alway be blood in the streets, in the vans, on stage....It just isn't Rap music...Dimebag was shot and killed on stage by a patron of the bar, because that patron felt diss'd. Hey your VIP material then you would be in the VIP area, if you aint, you won't be... and really jackin' somebody up with a 44mag really isn't going to get your ass into any VIP seat except the one where a needle is put in your arm , and your put to death like a rabid dog !! Grow up, dis respected.? Really? .You EARN respect... not demand think putting a .357 in someones face that they respect you? They do what you say ? Thats not respect...thats FEAR...that is being a terrorist. Who respects terrorist? another psycho terrorist maybe? Thats false respect and false pride......There are thousands of rich and famous that do not carry guns, If you stay in that business after you make your money, and that is how the game is played, then you know that the job is dangerous before you took it, and you should take precautions . TI should have never let anybody knows when he is leaving or coming to a club or concert. If your life is in that much danger...after the are a disappear *poof*'' and you gone !!! Elvis has left the building....but did he really??? people are not thinking about saving, they are too busy thinking about killing !!!
hes a felon he can never carry again.he needs bodyguards or a better class of friends.
ti <33333
I think they need to leave T.I ALONE! They are picking on him bc he is a big time rapper..... when the rest of us are out here doing the same thing an not getting locked up. Ya he's had a ruff last couple of years, but he'll make it out!!! we all got faith in you and your music.... so f*** all dese haters that got all this stupid shiat to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL - "THAT CHICK" comments remind me of that twink that was on YouTube screaming, "Leave Britney alone!" roflmao
So, what's it like living in Candyland?
What did you think 'T.I.' stood for? "Total Idiot"