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Some Contractual Requirements

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Some Contractual Requirements

Christina Aguilera Promo Rider

1) On July 23, Kevin Erwin faces trial in Ohio on charges that he tortured and sexually assaulted a woman he met over the Internet. Prosecutors allege that Erwin branded the 38-year-old victim with the letter K, bit her several times, and threatened her with a knife. Erwin claims that the woman agreed to the abuse and that she willingly signed a bizarre June 10 "contract" promising to be his "personal slave and life mate" (the woman contends she signed the document under duress). Here's a copy of that contract, which Erwin has filed in the Court of Common Pleas. TSG has obscured the names of the victim and her husband. And we thought we'd never see anything stranger than this.(1 page)

2) When Christina Aguilera hits the road to do TV appearances and interviews to plug an album, she doesn't travel light. Here's a rider spelling out what the tiny diva needs before the promo begins (this document, of course, should not be confused with Aguilera's extensive pre-concert requirements). Our favorite tidbits in this rider, prepared by her record label, are Aguilera's nom de promo and her need for limousine drapes in the absence of tinted windows.Wasn't the Queen Mum the last person to use such brocade barriers? (4 pages)