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Reynolds Pulls An O'Reilly

Burt sues ex over alleged dirty-laundry extortion bid

Burt Reynolds

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Reynolds Pulls An O'Reilly

NOVEMBER 8--Claiming that an ex-girlfriend is threatening to falsely accuse him of domestic violence and drug abuse, Burt Reynolds sued the woman today, alleging that she was scheming to extort millions from him in return for her silence.

In this Florida Circuit Court complaint, Reynolds, 68, claims that Pamela Seals, 48, has threatened to go public with her abuse claims unless the actor forked over millions. According to Reynolds, Seals, who was his girlfriend for 10 years, has recently threatened to file a lawsuit accusing him of physical and verbal abuse (such as screaming at her and stomping on her toes) and abuse of prescription medications.

The Reynolds complaint (a preemptive strike a la O'Reilly) seeks unspecified damages and a court order barring Seals from suing the performer in California, where the pair once lived. While the lawsuit describes Reynolds as a "nationally and internationally known public figure" whose performances have received widespread acclaim, his ex is described less charitably.

When Reynolds met Seals, the complaint notes, she "had little or no formal education and was working as a bar maid/manager" at a Tampa restaurant. (7 pages)