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Paul McCartney Slips On Soap

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Paul McCartney Slips On Soap

We were so excited about the revelation of Paul McCartney's flower fancy (contained in his amusing 2002 backstage rider) that we somehow missed a chink in the ex-Beatle's animal-friendly armor.

It turns out that Paul's backstage demand for 24 bars of Ivory Soap is a major vegan no-no, since the 99.44% pure soap actually contains animal fats, according to Ivory's web site.

So, while Paul won't sit on a leather couch, the Liverpudlian is apparently lathering with beef tallow. In addition, Procter & Gamble--which produces Ivory and other household staples--has been a frequent target of animal-rights groups for the conglomerate's extensive use of animal testing. (1 page)