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Paris Hilton Sues Over Hallmark Card

Claims company stole her image and "That's Hot" catch phrase

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Paris Hilton Sues Over Hallmark Card

SEPTEMBER 7--Paris Hilton has filed a federal lawsuit over a $2.49 Hallmark greeting card that uses a photo of the heiress and her trademarked phrase "That's Hot."

In a complaint filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Hilton alleges that Hallmark has, among other transgressions, misappropriated her image and invaded her privacy with the card, a copy of which you'll find at left.

According to the lawsuit, the greeting card, which purports to show Hilton's "first day as a waitress," was first distributed earlier this year and remains on sale. Hilton is seeking at least $500,000 in actual damages and a permanent injunction barring Hallmark from further exploitation of her name and likeness. (5 pages)