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More Money Woes For Love

Rocker socked with second lien over luxe Manhattan condo

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More Money Woes For Love

"a high-profile borrower"

SEPTEMBER 13--For the second time this year, the managers of a Manhattan condominium have filed a lien against Courtney Love, claiming that the troubled rock star has again failed to come up with monthly maintenance payments on her swanky Soho apartment. The below "notice of lien," recorded September 10 by the New York City Department of Finance, claims that a Love corporation, F.B. Heather Trust, has not paid common charges for July or August and owes the building's board of managers $5611.10. In March, the condo socked Love's firm with an $18,000 lien for prior monthly nonpayments on the performer's 4123-square-foot apartment (that initial lien has not yet been satisfied, according to city records). The precarious nature of Love's finances is further underscored by her recent securing of a short-term, high-interest $3 million mortgage from a New York lender catering to distressed borrowers (the kind facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, IRS seizures, and other financial nightmares). Loan documents recorded August 31 reveal that Love's company agreed to pay Mercury Capital Corporation a whopping ten percent rate on the two-year mortgage. The financial firm is apparently so proud of the deal that it refers to the loan in the press release section of its web site. Without using Love's name, the company reports working with "a high-profile borrower dogged by poor personal monetary management" on the mortgaging of a "4,200 square foot condominium located in the wildly popular Soho neighborhood of Lower Manhattan." We're not sure what's worse: Love's money straits or the fact that Mercury is using her financial calamity to help drum up more business. (3 pages)