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Model: ShamWow Guy Wanted Me As "Love Slave"

Former assistant sues Vince Shlomi for unpaid wages

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Vince Shlomi Suit

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APRIL 5--A young model who worked as a personal assistant for Vince Shlomi--the TV pitchman responsible for the ShamWow and Slap Chop products--alleges that he wanted her to be his “love slave,” and offered to buy her eggs for $20,000 and pay her to sleep in his bed with him, according to a federal lawsuit.

Jennifer Kosinski, 23, also charges that Shlomi stalked her ex-boyfriend, used binoculars to watch her while she was on a Florida beach, and, when she sought to visit a relative stricken with cancer, he told her, “Why don’t you just see him when he’s in the grave.”

Kosinski, pictured at right, worked for Shlomi, 46, for about nine months before being terminated in April 2010. In her U.S. District Court complaint, which was filed April 1 in Miami, Kosinski contends that she was canned after refusing to show a jealous Shlomi a text message that he thought was sent by a man.

The lawsuit seeks unpaid wages, and accuses Shlomi of civil battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The complaint does not specify monetary damages. Through an assistant, Shlomi directed a reporter to speak with his attorney about the complaint. Lawyer Joe Shull told TSG, “We’ll have no comment at this moment.”

Kosinski, who can be seen in this selection of modeling shots, began working as a customer service rep for Shlomi’s company in August 2009, but her job responsibilities quickly expanded, according to the complaint. After the lease to her New York City apartment expired, Kosinski moved to Miami Beach, where she became Shlomi’s personal assistant (and lived rent-free in a spare bedroom in his $3.6 million oceanfront South Beach condominium).

Along with cleaning Shlomi’s home, shopping for his groceries, and cooking his meals, Kosinski contends that she also handled customer service responsibilities and had to attend “dinners, parties, and events with him.” For this she was paid $4500 monthly.

While chaperoning Shlomi at parties, Kosinski claims that she had to make sure that her boss “did not drink too much and did not get into trouble.” Shlomi, she added, did not handle alcohol well, witness his bloody February 2009 confrontation with a prostitute.

Shlomi’s behavior, Kosinski claims, grew more “bizarre and inappropriate.” Though she made it clear that their relationship would remain platonic, Kosinski alleges that a controlling Shlomi pressured her to become romantically involved. “As part of this pressure, Shlomi offered Kosinski money to sleep in the same bed and for her eggs,” according to the lawsuit. “Shlomi offered Kosinski $20,000 and a paid one month vacation for her parents to travel the world in exchange for her eggs.”

When Kosinski rebuffed Shlomi’s advances, he allegedly called her a “bitch” and a “cunt,” specifically because she “would not tell him the ‘secret formula’ that he claims existed for her to like him in a romantic manner.”

Kosinski, an Ohio native, can be seen below in a StyleCaster video from June 2009, two months before she began working for Shlomi. (11 pages)

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Sham foul.
I'd pay her 20G's for her "eggs", too!
From the photos I would say they deserve each other.
Am I the only one who notices "Shlomi" rhymes with "blow me"?
I feel sorry for Shlomi, why can't he just be attracted to Asian women? PROBLEMS SOLVED!
what a sham, I mean shame.
She's too damn skinny for me!! haha
lol killshot.
How much would you pay for these eggs? Twenty thousand dollars? How about if I throw in a personal shopper and a personal chef? Now how much would you pay? A trip around the world? But wait, there's more! You also get a pretend friend, a beard and a sober companion. Now how much would you pay? Would you believe only forty-five hundred dollars in twelve easy payments (+board and handling)!? Act now and we'll even throw in the secret recipe for making a woman actually like you. Operators are standing by.
"You're gonna love my nuts"
This guy is crazy...and much too ugly for her. I hope he loses it all and goes bankrupt. That'll teach him to try to buy beautiful slaves.
Maybe he should have tossed in a set of Ginsu knives..... You just have to admire his taste in egg bearing bipeds.....I have a dozen eggs, complete with carton, that he can have for half that price....I'll pass on the sharing the bed thing though....
honestly - I can't stand this creepy Billy Mays wannabee, but this chick is hot shiat - just plead temporary insanity
I think ol' Vince's chops need to be slapped just for us having to suffer through his commercials. Jennifer Kosinski reminds me of a young Susan Lucci. Why is this a federal lawsuit? He didn't kidnap her nor hold her hostage. I guess because of the amount she claims he owes? Looks like she couldn't hack it as a model, so she tried to hook up with a 'celebrity' of sorts. Some people will do anything for fame and fortune, even though they sometimes have to get it with a lawsuit and not with their so-called talent. I also wonder why Vince would want her eggs. I know he looks like a mad scientist or something in that picture, but come on. That claim just makes her sound narcissistic.
Was you brought up stupid or something. Don't mess with them Polish women. I know I married one. You lucky you still got your stuff, ShamWow Boy
AAAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'Was you brought up stupid'... ohh the irony!
After seeing her photos, you kinda know how he got the idea for the ShamWow liquid remover, and she definitely inspired the SlapChop product from the photo shot on the lounge...what's next SlamWamBam EZ massager???
I approved of his actions up until the eggs....psycho.
I agree... “As part of this pressure, Shlomi offered Kosinski"...But WAIT there's MORE!