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Feds Sought "Obama" Ecstasy In Drug Sting

Agent arranged $300k buy in Washington Starbucks

Obama Ecstasy

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Obama Ecstasy

JANUARY 10--While negotiating a large purchase of Ecstasy from a narcotics dealer, an undercover federal agent detailed a few specific requirements during a meeting at a Starbucks in Washington state.

First, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent wanted to buy 150,000 tablets, for which he was ready to pay $2 per pill. The ICE agent wanted yellow pills that were “triple stack,” or extra thick.

And the federal agent also wanted the popular club drug to carry the “Obama” logo, according to a felony complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

While law enforcement agents have previously seized Ecstasy pills bearing the president’s likeness from street level dealers, this appears to be the first time that a federal undercover operation specifically sought out Obama-branded narcotics from a suspected large-scale trafficker.

The ICE probe resulted in the arrest of several men, including Harjinder Brar, who pleaded guilty last month to a felony drug conspiracy charge. Agents seized 84 pounds of Ecstasy when they busted Brar and another man at the Starbucks in Bellingham. The pills, recovered from a van, were found in 26 heat-sealed plastic bags, according to investigators.

Brar, 44, faces a maximum of 20 years in prison when he is sentenced on February 25. (1 page)

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I think the pill looks like one of the Characters from the Fat Albert Cartoon Bill Cosby did in the 70's.
Looks more like a spokesmodel for an orange juice company, and the nose-to-mouth scale comparison is way off. Is that Dennis Rodman? Chances are those pills arent truly made of MDMA, something like 90% of all X pills are just other junk when you used to read Erowid as much as I did. I fail to see why manufacturers would use his image to sell dope, considering obama's approval rating is somewhere around 20% when I last checked. No need to turn this into a political discussion, but it makes you wonder who they had in mind for demographics and target audience. Could've picked a lower-profile place to meet than Starbucks, everyone and their grandmother knows bored authority figures swarm those places like flies on a cow pasture. I didn't even read the document, but I'm guessing (By the typical coffee-shop rendezvous) he was caught because he advertised on one of those stupid sites like craigslist or backpage, right? Its silly, people never learn. It must be the easiest job to sit on your ass and hit the "Refresh" button every 5 minutes to see who's up to what. Times sure have changed since 1985 when MDMA was made illegal. The government themselves were testing MDMA (Even LSD was given to soldiers in the 1950s), and the field of psychiatry has it approved for treatment of PTSD - with an 85% success rate. War on drugs? Yeah good luck with all of that. Prohibition didnt work, but maybe this one will. And if not, no real loss. Joe Taxpayer foots the bill, enforcement gets a nice salary, and another politician buys votes when he swears to continue the drug war..Rinse and Repeat.
Sacre Bleu...
Yo web admin, did you delete my last comment? Why, it was funny!