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Crocs Founder In Epic Rant After DUI Collar

Philanthropist told cops Taylor Swift was at wheel


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Crocs Co-Founder DUI

AUGUST 13--Arrested Saturday on a drunk driving charge after he was found passed out at the wheel of his Porsche, a multimillionaire founder of the Crocs shoe empire told Colorado cops that his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, had actually been driving the vehicle, according to a police report.

When Boulder Police Department cops challenged him about the whereabouts of his purported girlfriend, George Boedecker, 51, claimed that she had bolted from the vehicle after they got into an argument.

After noting that his girlfriend was “a really fucking famous” singer, Boedecker asked Officer Patrick Vest if he “knew who Taylor Swift was.”

Vest responded by asking Boedecker where Swift had gone. Gesturing towards a neighboring yard, Boedecker “said she was in Nashville,” reported Vest. He described his girlfriend as “batshit crazy.”

Boedecker’s imaginary relationship with the 22-year-old country music star apparently was the result of his overindulgence in “cocktails” that left him reeking of booze, slurring his words, and stumbling. Boedecker is pictured in the above mug shot.

A noted philanthropist, Boedecker heads a private foundation (The Boedecker Foundation) with nearly $58 million in assets, according to the group’s most recent tax return. One of the three founders of the Colorado-based Crocs, Boedecker served as the clog firm’s CEO until early-2005. The publicly held company last year reported $1 billion in sales.

According to the police report, Boedecker was particulary uncooperative and belligerent with cops. When asked for his address, he replied, “I have 17 fucking homes.” When he became tired of one cop’s “fucking questions,” Boedecker warned that things were about to become medieval (which is spelled “mid-evil” on the report).

After declining to take field sobriety tests (“I’m not doing your fucking maneuvers”), Boedecker was handcuffed, which prompted him to complain to Boulder cops that he “couldn’t believe we were doing this after all he had done for this city.” He then told two cops to “Go fuck yourselves in the ass.” He also let Officer Vest know that he was an “asshole” who was now his “enemy for life,” and that he hoped the cop would “fucking die.” He later threatened several deputies that “he was going to have their badges.”

While his black 2010 Panamera was being impounded by Marv’s Quality Towing, Boedecker was booked into the county jail. He was wearing “flip flops,” not Crocs, when he was arrested. (4 pages)