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Clinton Crony Poses Nude

No intern, cigar, or pizza involved in Reichian frolic

Look, if you told us that a former Bill Clinton cabinet member was posing nude for a pin-up calendar, we'd be hard-pressed to pick which pol we'd most like to see in the buff. Reno? Albright? Shalala? Herman? All fine choices--va-va-va-voom--in more ways than one. So imagine The Smoking Gun's disappointment when we learned that Robert Reich, who headed the Department of Labor, was the stripping Secretary. Reich, the 4' 10" Democratic dynamo who was routed in last year's Massachusetts gubernatorial primary, posed last week for a 2004 calendar that will raise funds for a Cambridge community television group (the organization will begin selling the $15 item this summer). But thanks to a carefully placed basket stuffed with lettuce and an erect baguette, the 57-year-old Reich, a Brandeis University professor, avoided, um, total disclosure. We have to wonder what's next in the Clinton skin continuum. First, Al Gore slipped shirtless into that "Saturday Night Live" hot tub. Now Reich flashes some liberal beefcake. Can Hazel O'Leary's "Girls Gone Wild" appearance be far off? (1 page)