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Blind Date Time For Judd, Eminem?

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Blind Date Time For Judd, Eminem?

Eminem Divorce Petition

Geez, these kids seemed inseparable:

1) Like her lovely daughter Wynonna, poor Naomi Judd's marriage has cratered. She recently filed this divorce petition in Tennessee, charging that hubby Larry Strickland was guilty of adultery. We're sure Naomi's devastated, but you could never tell from that cheery signature on page three. We're amazed she didn't dot the "i" with a smiley face. (3 pages)

2) A few months back, Eminem was busted for threatening (at gunpoint) a guy he caught smooching his wife. Not one for marriage counseling or a trial separation, Em (a/k/a Marshall Bruce Mathers, III) headed straight to Michigan's circuit court, where he filed this divorce petition against wife Kimberley. (3 pages)