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Cuffed reverend filmed riffing on Palin, Oprah, Libya

Drunk Priest

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Drunk Priest Police Report

MARCH 4--In a bravura 23-minute videotaped performance, the Ohio priest arrested early Monday for drunk driving offers a tipsy stream-of-consciousness riff on topics like patriotism, Libya, Oprah, Johnny Weir, his jailer’s eyebrows, and even Sarah Palin.

“We’re going rogue,” Rev. Ignatius Kury, 35, announced at one point.  

Kury’s expletive-peppered monologue--captured by a Brimfield Township Police Department camera--can be viewed below in two parts (note that the sound sync is slightly off). While a viewing of the entire tape is suggested, here are a few of Kury’s more entertaining comments:

* To a jailer: “You have fabulous eyebrows. Those don’t come naturally.”

* “I am not going to get on my knees, I am not going to give head. Oral sex, no. I don’t care how long I’m here.”

* “Thank you. Because I believe in real American democracy. I believe in Sarah Palin. We’re going rogue.”

* “I want you to free me, America, I want you to love me. I want you to be with me.”

* “He’s in shackles, like Uncle Tom. Like I’m an Uncle Tom, don’t you think so, cause I’m black, I’m part black. You understand, sir, what kind of a shit storm you’re going to be under cause I am part black. Ohh, I can’t wait. Oprah Winfrey is going to have her fat ass down here and you are going to have your ass up the wall, and not in a good way.”

* “And I refuse like Johnny Weir. I will say my people have been oppressed for too long! And we will not go along with your shackles! We will not be slaves to you. No, we will continue to rise against you, you Bolsheviks. We are true royalty. I am the Viscount and I will not allow you to denounce me nor will I allow you to denounce my family.” (3 pages)

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The number one cause of atheism in the world today is Chistians who profess Jesus with their words and then deny Him with their lifestyles. This guy is going to need some forgiveness.
He must have been so drunk! The police report says he was arrested at midnight and it's 2 in the afternoon according to the video.
If I posted this guy's address and something bad happened to him I'd feel guilty. I guess the question is how did this wind up online? Are the police allowed to make a target out of someone?
Ummm it has nothing to do with the Police Department it is a matter of public record and anyone can get their hands on a copy all they have to do is make a request and in most cases pay a small clerical fee and that is it.... And lets be 100% honest here the man made a target out of himself... If he wouldn't been drinking and driving then none of this would have happened now would it... Public humiliation and scorn of the community might just be what these offenders need, it certainly has working in our community with prostitution arrests... Johns know if they get busted their face is going to appear on the walk of shame on the cities television channel and so they choose to go elsewhere... Maybe that is what is needed with some of these other offenders....
The Ukranian Catholic Church dumped this sex offender creep here,probably with the "blessing" of the Vatican and the USA Church "officials".The chances are very good he criminally offended over in the Ukraine so here he is.And they let him off with a personal recog bond.This is the worst sort of encouragement to this type of criminally offending "priest".He will reoffend time after time until they either jail him or he is defrocked,permanently.Stop the chronicaly offending Catholic Church now or they will just keep turning these types of criminals loose on the streets and they will keep letting them school your children.Beware of the new European Church movement to attempt the dumping of these types on the USA.
God, the comments just keep getting dumber on this site. How stupid do you need to be not to know immediately that this guy is American, not Ukrainian? He is a priest in a Ukrainian church, which is an Eastern Orthodox church that IS NOT controlled by the Vatican.
I'n not sure if the idiot is really a priest like the article stated since I didn't see that information in the arrest report nor was he wearing the appropriate 'priestly' attire, but he could have just said he was to the police, just like he said he was an American Idol contestent. It's always struck me as odd, though that so many gays and their supporters are Democrats, yet so many Democrats are Catholic.
Not odd at all -- given the historic corruption of the Catholic Church and all the "celibate" priests.
1. Priests in the Catholic church wear the collar, but they are not required to 2. You are assuming he would be wearing the cassock of the Roman Catholic Church, he is Orthodox...Byzantine specificially 3. Why would that be odd? Many catholics including myself follow the example and leadership of the late John Paul II, not Benedict who is attempting to put catholics back in the stone age And if you still don't believe it...Kury was a Deacon in my church before finishing his time in the seminary
Yes, it's really a priest, half-wit, though not a Roman Catholic one as the previous moron thought His name is. Rev. Ignatius Kury of the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church in south Akron
Talk about a drama queen! What about it, members of the academy? Does he get an Oscar? He had it all......drama, tragedy, humor, pleading and crying. He saw that camera and he just couldn't help himself. I think he's watched one too many movies and too much TV. He called his father, Big Daddy a time or two, so he probably likened himself to Elizabeth Taylor in"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and if movie references weren't enough, he couldn't help but inject passionate political speech into the mix. That guy is crying out for attention and the orange socks are extra proof. No doubt, his problems stem from the relationship with his father (whom he said was a fire chief, but is he really?). You can bet the gay or gul (guy and gay with siwtched vowels and not sure which he is), is not a priest and not conservative, but was using those personas to try to gain favor with the jailers, so no need for any Palin haters to try to say he's a Tea Party member. He's amusing, though and I hope he gets to watch the video to see what a jackass he made of himself. I'm left wondering if he showed up in court and if he gave the performance of his life to the judge.
Well, you are a little drunk flamer of a monster. You should have been arrested by the fashion police for those orange socks alone. Sober up and leave the booze alone, vicar. Winning!