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Panty Thief Busted At Florida Outlet Store

Cops: Man stole 25 pairs of women's underwear


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Panty Thief Busted

AUGUST 2--Meet alleged Florida panty thief Benjamin Kennedy.

According to a Winter Haven Police Department affidavit, an employee saw a man "conceal women’s underwear in his shorts" on Friday and informed an officer who happened to be at the Bealls Outlet store.

Detective Ken Brewer confronted Kennedy after seeing a "pair of pink women's under wear partially hanging out of the Defendant's left front pocket.” Kennedy, 57, told the cop there was “nothing there.”

When attempting to arrest an uncooperative Kennedy, Brewer observed numerous pairs of women’s lingerie in his shorts.

As can be seen in the above police evidence photo (click here to enlarge) a subsequent search of Kennedy revealed a colorful cache of panties in various styles as well as a couple of other less interesting clothing items, all valued at $96.58.

Kennedy, pictured in the Polk County Sheriff's Office mug shot at left, was charged with misdemeanor retail theft, as well as two felonies for resisting an officer and battery. He remains jailed on $15,000 bond. (2 pages)