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Off-Duty Cop Assaulted By Salad Bar Slob

Attacker spotted using hands to scoop up lettuce

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Salad Bar Attack

APRIL 5--An Oklahoma woman who kept using her bare hands to scoop lettuce from a salad bar bowl allegedly punched an off-duty cop in the face after being told to cease her unsanitary behavior.

According to investigators, a female sheriff’s deputy was having lunch Friday afternoon with her two children at Mazzio’s Pizza when she was assaulted by Lindsay Williams, 29.

As detailed in an Oklahoma City Police Department report, Deputy Adebola Atoka was “at the salad bar selecting food for her plate” when she spotted Williams using “her bare hands to grab salad out of the salad bowl.”

Atoka, cops noted, alerted restaurant staffers, “who changed out the salad.”

After the lettuce had been replaced, Williams returned to the salad bar and again dug in with her hands, prompting Atoka to tell her that, “she should not do that.”

Williams, police allege, responded by punching Atoka in the face, a blow that knocked the deputy’s glasses off.

Seen above, Williams was subsequently arrested for assault and battery. (2 pages)