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Man Stabbed For Blood Suck Refusal

Arizonan refused to give roommates second taste

Blood sucker

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Vampires Attack

OCTOBER 8--An Arizona man who had previously allowed two roommates to suck his blood was stabbed earlier this week after refusing the duo’s demand to repeat the bizarre act.

According to a Chandler Police Department report, victim Robert Maley, 25, was stabbed in the arm by Aaron Homer, 24, after he “told him he did not want to let Aaron suck his blood anymore.” Maley told cops that Homer and Amanda Williamson, 21, “were into vampire stuff and paganism,” and that “he had allowed them to suck his blood one time, but did not want them to suck his blood anymore.”

Williamson initially claimed that Maley had attacked her and she stabbed him in self defense.

However, during police questioning, Homer confessed to stabbing Maley. Police reported that Homer stabbed Maley “because he was making fun of Aaron and Amanda’s religion. He said he stabbed him and said fuck you motherfucker.”

The knife used in the October 4 attack was found beneath a bedroom mattress, where “Aaron had placed it prior to police arrival.” Cops noted that there was “a lot of blood” in the apartment as well as a “trail of blood” leaving the space.

Homer was charged with felony aggravated assault and making false reports to police. Williamson was charged with two misdemeanors for lying to cops about the incident. The suspects, who are dating, are pictured in the above mug shots.

Maley is pictured at left in a photo from his MySpace page (he is an Insane Clown Posse fan, hence the Juggalolike facepaint), which lists interests such as “knifes, guns, weed.” (2 pages)

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Man, you straights are into weird stuff.
PS....I almost forgot - Sheriff Joe awaits ya all in the big tent - then you can do some real sucking!!
Looks like they should all be behind a ZOO!!!!
Why don't vampires like clowns? They taste funny!
Man, when I first saw the pic I thought it was 3 guys living together That would've been real sick.
Dude looks like a lady !
This is one of those "birds of a feather" stories. You put 3 weirdos in an apartment together and someone is bound to get hurt. This reminds me of the Headhunters and Missionaries logic problem. This one is simpler and is Vampires and Clowns... They key is you can never leave 1 Clown together with 2 Vampires. Anyone with a brain knows this.
Wow, dude's a Juggalo AND still on Myspace. That's a double whammy.
Figures it happened in Chandler.
Finally, the truth comes out: vampires are real, and real ugly. Don't fall for Hollywood hype!!!
That's nothing I've stabbed for much less. When I say suck, I mean suck.
Well that just sucks!!! Or not!
Which one is the chick?