DOCUMENT: Bizarre, Crime

Police Collar Trespass Suspect Doused In Paint

Virginia woman, 34, was nabbed in Norfolk

NOVEMBER 18--Meet Keeta Neville.

The Virginian, 34, was arrested earlier this month after cops responded to a report of a “disorderly trespasser” at a Norfolk property.

Neville, who had an outstanding arrest warrant, was busted for disorderly conduct and “five counts of assault on law enforcement that occurred during her arrest,” according to a police spokesperson.

When Neville was collared on November 6, she had “a paint like substance on her,” cops say. The source of the paint--which is similar to Benjamin Moore’s Windsor Cream--is a mystery.

Neville, who is locked up without bond, is next due in court on December 1. Her rap sheet includes arrests for disorderly conduct, larceny, indecent exposure, contempt, trespassing, and purchasing alcohol for a minor.