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Cops: Teen Tricked Girl Into Sex

Bizarre scheme involved alleged threats from “drug dealers”

Ryne Anderson

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Teen Sex Scheme

AUGUST 27--A North Dakota man is facing felony charges for hatching the most harebrained scheme to get his ex-girlfriend to have sex with him.

Ryne Anderson, 18, dated the woman for “a period of time and then broke up,” according to a Grand Forks Police Department report. Over the subsequent months he told the woman, now 18, that his “life was in danger and that he needed help.” He claimed that drug dealers were watching both of them and that their lives were in danger unless “certain demands weren’t met within a specific timeframe.”

“It turned out that some of the demands were sexual in nature,” reported cop Travis Jacobson, who added that the victim was told that if “she didn’t go through with these demands that people would be hurt or even killed, including her and her family.”

Police and court documents provide no insight into why these purported drug dealers would want Anderson and the woman, who was 17 at the time, to engage in sexual activity (or how the victim fell for what seems to be a preposterous story). Anderson is pictured in the mug shot at left.

In February, Anderson arrived at the teen’s house and “stated that they better do what they needed to do.” The pair then engaged in sexual activity, which resulted in the filing of felony counts charging Anderson with sexual imposition and terrorizing.

Since the sexual encounter occurred when Anderson was 17, he was originally charged as a juvenile. But the case against him was transferred last month to District Court, where he will now be tried as an adult.

Anderson, who starred on his high school's baseball team, is scheduled for a September 27 preliminary hearing. (3 pages)

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Hey it worked, she just mad cause he laughed.
Hey, wait a second everyone. The adult male told a 17 year old underage girl that someone would hurt or kill her family. That isn't a joke or a trick, that strikes me as a threat. I don't think that she was necessarily dumb, she more likely knew that he himself was going to carry out that threat. After all, if my neighbor comes over and tells me that if I don't cut my grass, some "others" will throw a brick through my window, I might think he's lying - in that I think HE will be the one throwing the brick. It's a threat, no matter how you cut it. And if a man has sex with a woman, after saying her family will be killed if she doesn't, that's RAPE, no ifs, ands or buts. That she was still legally a child just makes it all the worse.
I've been thinking about my HS days a lot lately with my 35th reunion approaching fast. This story reminded me of the idiotic line a friend of mine fed a girl that ended up with him having anal intercourse with her. My friend told her that it would "cure" her constant constipation. Proof positive that girls with pea sized brains existed back in the 70's too. GO PATRIOTS!
What a loser this guy is. And why are women falling for this kind of crap. Women need to see themself as having value as a person. Others see what you see when you look in the mirrow, if you don't see someone who deserves respect then neither will others. Really!~
To the 'victim' : Here's your sign....
In North Dakota the brainwashed jesus freaks are accustomed to believing anything they are told. Too busy clinging to their guns and religion to bother thinking for themselves. It could be much worse, they could be from South Dakota. Nothing but lemmings and sheep from these two states of confusion, baaaahhh.
I think you're neglecting the fact that the offender is also from North Dakota, so grouping him in to your "gun-toting Jesus freak lemmings and sheep" stereotype of North Dakotans doesn't work.
Brainwashed... can't think for themselves... lemmings and sheep... Sounds like a bunch of Democrats to me. Hope and change! Hope and change! Hope you don't notice, I won't change a damn thing!
This guy is a pathetic piece of shiat if he has to make a teenager scared for her life before she'll touch his nasty ass. Oh, and to all the "she's a stupid bitch" people: YOU were a stupid gullible little prick too once. Your teenage years are about learning that people don't always tell the truth and you learn to be more skeptical after you've been duped once or twice. The fact is, you DON'T know what he told her, but you're gonna side with this pathetic little lying shiat over a 17 year old girl whose only fault is that she believed a sexual predator. And yes, he's a sexual predator because he THREATENED her into having sex. She was naive, but he's scum and he deserves to spend some time in prison. Maybe afterward he'll understand what it's like to feel threatened into doing something against his will.
Fyi...I know these people. They're actually from my town. And the story is much deeper than that. Out of respect for the people involved I won't say much more about the story but I just wanted to say that most of you should try actually knowing the people and the entire story before commenting. The threats were worse then the story makes it sound and she had very good reason to believe that his stories were true based on other events. THIS ISN'T THE ONLY PART OF THE STORY.
So put up or shutup. TELL the whole story or stop judging people who are making comments based on what they've only been told. What else do you expect us to do? Are we supposed to fly into town and ask them what really happened? Don't tell us "Oh I know the real story but I can't tell you..." What purpose does your comment even serve?
1st I'd like to point out she consented to having sex, yes he lied to her and told her that some drug dealer was gonna kill her, her family, and others if she didnt. But she still consented to sex she didnt refuse he didnt hold her down and force her. The fact that he used a life threatening lie is beside the point, like so many others I have to ask how can she be so dumb as to believe drug dealers wanted them to have sex. shiat people drug dealers would most likely do the deed themselve then to have some fool else to do it. And btw khurst82, In criminal law, rape is an assault by a person involving sexual intercourse with another person without that person's consent. Wether she did it cuase she thought someone would hurt people or not she still consented to it.
seriously? "The fact that he used a life threatening lie is beside the point" man you are really retarded if you think that is beside the point. so it would be fine if i went up to a girl and told her to have sex with me or i am going to pull out a gun and shoot you. but hey since i didnt actually do it and i was never going to thats fine cause i was just lying about it.....seriously how do you think thats ok. and her being dumb has nothing to do with this it is completely illegal to threaten someone into having sex with you and whether you were actually going to harm them doesn't matter because if they felt the threat was real it was a crime.
Ok.. so since when is it ok to threaten a girl's life in exchange for sex? That's still rape, even if it was instigated by a 17 year old.
lets see... a 17 year old boy tricks a 17 year old girl into having sex because "people are gonna get hurt by drug dealers" if they don't. First of all, where is the crime? Criminal STUPIDITY, maybe. Doesn't anyone care that the boy was also 17 at the time... and that teenaged boys have been using lame lines on girls to get sex since...uh...Methuslah? Holy God, has North Dakota law enforcement been reduced to THIS?
Should have called Jack Bauer
its like that movie the invention of lying, "if we dont have sex right now the world is going to end", i think a shovel has a higher IQ than this girl
Makes you wonder if North Dakota law enforcement has enough to do.
Ha! Well put.
Anybody have the chicks phone number?
She should be charged with BEING AN IDIOT. Stupid is as stupid does Ms.Gump. It's not his fault she don't have a brain.
1st thing this girl must be really around here if you tryed that story on a girl she would either tell her proud to be a redneck dad and he would hurt everybody involved or she would just handle it herself.around here we have a few girls that was raised on the farm like i was and are tough as nails sometimes i would rather fight their daddy than to get the shiat beat out of me by them lol
wow, this is hillarious. what a stupid bitch.
I can't believe he got arrested for this! When I saw the story's caption "Teen Tricked Girl Into Sex" I immediately thought "Ok, and? Doesn't that happened about a thousand times per second?"
hahah- I said anything and everything to get laid back in the day - good thing I never thought of this one
I guess I have to give credit where it is due. This idiot clearly knew what would work better than flowers, with this girl that has the IQ of a rock!!
I'm amazed it worked.the girl must have the IQ of a rock.
I agree, but that doesn't make it right.
I'm thinking, if I want to get back with a girl I buy flowers. Maybe take her out to a nice restaurant. But I guess I am old-fashioned.
Well stated.