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Cops: Man Trapped Woman In Fold-Out Couch

Suspect facing charge over alleged sofa entombment

Fold-out Couch

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Couch Assault

MARCH 3--A Florida man is facing a battery charge for allegedly shoving his ex-girlfriend’s mother inside a fold-out couch, police charge.

Mark Foreman, 53, was arrested Tuesday evening on a felony charge in connection with the incident at the home of the 66-year-old victim.

According to a Palmetto Police Department report, Foreman arrived at the woman’s home and asked to use the bathroom. The victim, who had been “lying on a fold out couch,” told cops that Foreman said, “What is this?” He then allegedly “pushed victim onto the fold out couch and folded victim inside of the couch.”

The report does not indicate how long the woman was entombed inside the piece of furniture. The victim, who suffered an injury to her right wrist and complained that her back hurt, was transported to a local hospital by emergency service workers.

Foreman, pictured above, was booked into the county jail, where he is being held in lieu of $2500 bond. (2 pages)

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I'd like to see how he managed that I sleep on a pullout couch and don't see how anyone could get folded up into it unless they are really small but I love seeing what you Americans do to each other we never see stuff like this in Canada
Knob head americans. Arguing amongst each other . Dont realise that they live in a bankrupt 3rd world country lol
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Only in America
Don't try to shift attention away from Florida by picking on California. Florida is the inbred, white-trash, engine block on the front lawn, low-life capitol of America! You don't see a Denny's or IHop getting trashed every week in any state but Florida! Don't deny your trashiness, scottrey, ... embrace it!
CSI Miami makes Floriduh out to be a much cooler place than it is! Michael Lohan makes Lindsay out to be much cooler than she is. Charlie Sheen makes himself out to be a much cooler person than he is. What's up with that??!!
yeah, I know it is easy to pick on Florida, but keep in mind because of the Sunshine Law everything in Florida is public record. there are no more crazy people here than anywhere else. except California might have the record for crazy
Mother-in-law............. fold-out couch.............. hmmmmmmmmmmmm............... let me know if he gets away with it.
People don't trap mother-in-laws -Couches Do
Dare I say it...? Need I say it...? Flori-duh!
Flori-duh = south Delaware
That's funny...I grew at the shore in (s)lower Delaware prior to moving to Central Florida. I know from personal experience that securing people in couches is a Florida thing.