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Beer Run Turns Bloody

Cops: Clerk beat man who tried to pay with a $50 bill

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Mexican Money Assault

SEPTEMBER 15--A Florida man who tried to pay for a six pack of beer with a $50 bill was beaten by a convenience store clerk who told the patron, “You Mexicans have too much money,” police report.

According to cops, Cesar Perez Sanchez stopped at a Sunoco gas station in Immokalee on Sunday night to buy beer. But when he pulled out a $50 bill to pay, cashier Renu Zaman became incensed and began insulting Sanchez. Zaman, 22, then allegedly grabbed a wooden stick from under the counter and, unprovoked, began striking Sanchez in the face.

The store’s surveillance cameras captured Zaman, a Bangladesh native, repeatedly hitting Sanchez in the face and back of the head, even after the patron attempted to flee the store.

A Collier County Sheriff’s Office report notes that Zaman “punched Cesar several times with a closed fist…hit Cesar several times with the wooden stick. Renu used his foot to stomped Cesar several times on Cesar’s head.” Finally, with Sanchez unconscious on the aisle floor, “Renu stopped and looked at Cesar and hit him with the stick one last time.”

When police arrived at the scene, they found a dazed Sanchez covered in blood. He had an open wound on the back of his head and lacerations on his left temple and the left side of this mouth.

Zaman, pictured in the above mug shot, has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The store clerk, cops reported, is already on probation for carrying a concealed firearm. (2 pages)

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An unwanted alien versus an illegal alien, what a twist!
Sometimes I can't tell if someone is trying to be sarcastic or is just a moron. I think v0fre2b could be both, a sarcastic moron.
Everybody knows that they don't carry more than 50.00 in the till...Clearly Mr. Sanchez put undo stress on Mr. Zaman... Causing him to lash out in anger. In his country of origin they obliviously keep much less in their till so I side with Mr. Zaman because I have worked in a convenience store and sometimes it was all I could do not to smack the living crap out of people no matter what their nationality . I vote to give Mr. Zaman a Louisville slugger so he can continue on with his job.
@Ursus Indomitus Wha the hell does Islam has to do with this incident? @psstarkey I agree, it should be considered a racial hate crime.
why isn't this a racial hate crime?
Islam, the religion of peace. If you believe that, wanna buy a bridge?
What does Islam have to do with this? Another ignoramus.
Bangladesh is an Islamic country, 80% Islamic, so Zaman is probably Islamic. Hard to say if his religion had anything to do with his violent behavior but Muslims have been known to attack innocent bystanders without provocation in the past. I wouldn't say that it was an especially long stretch to assume Islam had some influence in this attack also.
Should have bgone to the Quicki Mart in springfeild.Apu is so much nicer.
man, thank god he didn't have a $100. what a wacko nut job!