Ashcroft Comes Alive

In addition to leading the Justice Department's terrorist hunt, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft can sure belt out one jaunty tune. Talk about multi-tasking! The God-fearin' Missouri Republican/piano-playing baritone has performed gospel songs for years and, in 1995, released a cassette of his original tunes. Titled "Gospel (Music) According to John," the collection opens with TSG's favorite cut, "Blessed Be That City," a 3:25 number that's as good as anything on Michael Jackson's crappy new album. We're not embarrassed to say that TSG's toes were tapping as we transcribed the lyrics you'll find below. But don't take our word--listen for yourself as the AG breaks off something proper. We hear P. Diddy's contemplating a cover version.

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"Blessed Be That City"

Now there's lots of folks been talkin'
'Bout real travel, not just walkin'
Makin' chases to the places you and I might never be
From the city to the country
From the mountain to the valley
From the canyon to the ocean
From the desert to the sea
They'll be flyin', drivin', sailin'
Some survivin', some be failin'
As they chase their dream of thrills that cannot be
More and more will soon be learnin'
Our deepest longing, yearning
Can't be satisfied in cities without C


Blessed be that city, burning bright city
Where the streets, they're paved with gold
Blessed be that fountain, crystal clear fountain
Where the river starts its flow
Blessed be that singing, angels are singing
Voices blending in perfect harmony
All of the races, from all places
Smiling faces singing praises to the King

Now there's lots of folks acquiring
And even more aspiring
To have things and toys and stuff that bucks can buy
They got boomboxes 'a blastin'
Big bass boats for castin'
More new tricks and truck
Than you and I could ever hope to drive
They got 4-wheel drives 'a turnin'
Credit cards just burnin'
Seekin' kicks and highs on which you can't rely
There's just one thing satisfyin'
He's the one who did our dyin'
And he's 'a waitin' in that city in the sky
Now there's lots a folks 'a been thinkin'
That real joy it comes from drinkin'
At the well of pleasures that the world provides
But the fleetin' highs they're feelin'
Gonna send you rockin' and reelin'
With an emptiness you must confess
That eats out your insides
We got hot-shot jocks explainin'
How eatin' right and trainin'
Gonna save you from yourself and make you free
But just buildin' up your body
With kung-fu and karate
Ain't no ticket to a bright eternity