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Presenting The 2013 Mug Shots Of The Year

Nick Nolte ribbon awarded in top 25 booking photos


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Best Mugs Of 2013

DECEMBER 30--Here it is, The Smoking Gun’s single list for 2013, our Mug Shots of the Year compilation. So suck it, Buzzfeed.

The booking photos on the following 25 pages were selected by TSG’s three-person staff (who were aided by the site’s patented booking photo algorithm that allows us to sort through in excess of 500,000 mug shots annually).

While most of the photos in this year’s collection need little explanation, some images require a bit of context. Like so:

#2: Dressed as the Joker, this upstate New Yorker was arrested for causing a disturbance at an Applebee’s restaurant.

#7: This Louisiana elf was arrested for dunk driving a week before Christmas

#12: These gents were busted for either drunk driving or public drunkenness.

#14: After an evening of heavy drinking, a Virginia man awoke to discover that a roommate had drawn a penis on his face. So an assault ensued.

#21: When Oklahoma cops caught up with a convicted felon for failing to register as a sex offender, the 39-year-old had disguised himself with a wig, fake mustache, and penciled-in eyebrows,

#22: That’s fake blood on a reveler who was collared on Halloween evening by Iowa cops.

#25: Though a Florida resident, this man apparently did not attend al-Qaeda University. 

As with prior years, honorees receive no compensation, certificates of achievement, or trophies. They can, however, print out the adjacent Nick Nolte blue ribbon and stick it on their refrigerator door.

Finally, if you’re looking to waste more time, feel free to review our Mug Shots of the Year compilations for 2012 and 2011. (25 pages)