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Cops: Woman, 28, Tortured Animals For "Likes"

Complaint details sick YouTube videos

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YouTube Animal Cruelty

JANUARY 24--A Pennsylvania woman is charged with torturing a series of animals in a bid to pile up “likes” on YouTube, according to a disturbing felony complaint charging her with cruelty to animals.

Acting on a January 19 tip from PETA, cops arrested Anigar Monsee, 28, in connection with multiple harrowing videos.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the clips showed a “scantily-clad woman” using a dull knife to torture “rabbits, chickens, frogs, and pigeons by slowly disemboweling and otherwise mutilating the animals while still alive.”

Police say the woman seen in the videos--which were posted live to the YouTube account “motheranddaughter”--was Monsee, who lives in Upper Darby, a Philadelphia suburb.

The affidavit includes graphic descriptions of Monsee’s alleged animal cruelty, noting that, in a January 17 video, she “repeatedly commented on the number of viewers and likes, and solicited more, before she harmed” a chicken.

In an August 2023 broadcast, Monsee “encouraged viewers to ‘like’ the video before she kills the animal and repeatedly makes sexualized comments,” an investigator reported. “It appears some of the viewers may have joined the live stream specifically for the sexualized content.”

A chat moderator working with Monsee solicited financial donations from viewers, adding that, “If yall don’t like she’s not going to start.”

When questioned by Upper Darby Police Department officers, Monsee reportedly confessed to harming the animals. When each of the videos was played in Monsee’s presence, she became “visibly upset and requested that I turn it off,” reported Detective Kevin Gamber.

Seen above, Monsee was charged with four aggravated cruelty to animals-torture counts and booked into the Delaware County Prison, where she is being held in lieu of $200,000 bail. Monsee is scheduled for a February 5 preliminary hearing in District Court. (2 pages)