Tabby's Tragic Demise Prompted Domestic Battle

Woman wielded bug spray after cat died in dryer

OCTOBER 13--An Indiana woman blasted her boyfriend in the face with bug spray after a laundry dryer mishap left her cat dead, police report.

The unnamed tabby’s demise occurred last week in the Evansville home of Arletha Cayson, a 50-year-old nurse’s assistant.

Police dispatched to the residence for a domestic violence in progress were told by Cayson that her boyfriend had left the dryer door open, which allowed her cat to crawl inside the appliance.

Unaware that the animal was inside the drum, Cayson turned on the dryer. “This killed the cat,” according to a police report.

The pet’s death triggered an argument between Cayson (seen above) and her beau. During the tussle, Cayson “picked up some bug spray and sprayed him in the eyes.” Police did not arrest anyone since both parties "agreed to let each other cool off for the night.”

Cayson’s rap sheet includes convictions for domestic battery, leaving the scene of an accident, contempt of court, and driving without insurance.