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Man Arrested In Assault Of Dead Beaver

Cops: Perp, 35, copped to animal encounter

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Beaver Assault

SEPTEMBER 5--A Washington man carrying meth is accused of sexually assaulting a beaver after the animal was struck by a vehicle Monday evening, police say.

According to investigators, the animal was run over by a car in park in Kennewick, a city just north of the Oregon border.  Upon seeing the animal get hit, a female witness wrapped the beaver in a towel and went to her residence to retrieve a container in which to place the injured animal.

When the woman returned to the park, she discovered a man--whose pants were unzipped--atop the beaver. The witness called 911.

Rennewick Police Department officers responding to the park then arrested Richard Martin Delp, 35. A police briefing newsletter offered this synopsis: “35 year old male was seen assaulting a dead beaver.”

Delp, cops say, “admitted to the crime.” A search subsequent to Delp’s arrest turned up methamphetamine. Charged with animal cruelty and narcotics possession, Delp is being held without bail in the Benton County jail.

It is unclear whether Delp, who has a lengthy rap sheet, was under the influence when he allegedly mounted the beaver. The late beaver is pictured in the below police evidence photo. (1 page)