Google Street View Car In Wrong-Way Crash

Arkansas cops cite motorist for careless driving

Google Car

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Google Car Crash

AUGUST 7--A Google Street View car that was traveling in the wrong direction on a one-way street crashed into another vehicle last night as it attempted to make a U-turn, Arkansas police report.

The 6 PM accident on a Little Rock street left the Google car with significant damage to its front end. The other car was “fuckin’ totaled,” according to driver Dylan Case, 22, who was injured in the crash.

As seen above, the crash scene was photographed by Forbidden Hillcrest. A second photo snapped by a passing motorist shows the Google car with its front bumper missing, while the driver seems to be dismantling the vehicle’s mapping equipment 

According to a Little Rock Police Department accident report, the Google-owned car, a 2010 Subaru Legacy, was being driven by Alexander Spurr, a 28-year-old Bryant, Arkansas resident. Spurr, seen at right, was cited by cops for “careless prohibited driving.”

Spurr told police that after realizing he was driving the wrong way on Tyler Street, he attempted a U-turn, but “accidently came out onto” an adjacent road, where he struck Case’s vehicle “in the side and spun him around.” Case told cops that he had a green light and that Spurr “must have ran the red light.”

Both vehicles were towed from the crash scene. Cops estimated that the Google car suffered $1500 in damages, while the Mazda will need $2000 in repairs.

Case told TSG that the Google worker “blew a red light” and slammed into his car, a 2008 Mazda owned by his girlfriend. Case, a 22-year-old construction worker, said he was headed home from work when the Google car “came out of nowhere and hits me in the side.”

The Google driver, Case recalled, “basically said he was sorry and that he was gonna lose his job.” Spurr, who did not appear injured in the crash, climbed atop his vehicle after the accident and tinkered with the high tech camera equipment mounted on the roof. Both men were traveling alone in their respective cars.

After the crash, Case sought treatment at a hospital emergency room, where he received a cat scan and X-rays. Case said that he suffered bruised ribs and whiplash in the crash and was outfitted with a neck brace at the hospital.

Case said that he expects to miss upwards of three weeks of work and is planning legal action over the accident. (5 pages)