Since "Carlos Danger" Was Already Taken, Accused Credit Card Fraudster Had To Settle For The Alias "Yummy Sincere"

Here’s a tip for prospective credit card fraudsters:

When having counterfeit plastic shipped to your home via FedEx, make sure to come up with a better alias than “Yummy Sincere” for the airbill.

According to a federal criminal complaint, a Florida cop was “conducting routine parcel interdiction” at a FedEx facility in Tallahassee last Thursday when the investigator spotted a package that “contained sender and receiver names that appeared to be fictitious.”

The sender was “King Johnson” from Houston, Texas. The intended recipient was purportedly “Yummy Sincere” of the Tallahassee Sinceres.

A review of company databases and the package’s airbill led a FedEx worker to conclude that the package was “undeliverable” and could therefore be opened. The parcel contained 41 counterfeit “credit/debit cards with the name M. Moody or Marlow Moody embossed on the front,” according to an affidavit sworn by Secret Service Agent Emily Beyer.

After intercepting the package, a cop dressed as a FedEx deliveryman brought the parcel to its intended Tallahassee address. The man who answered the door identified himself as “Yummy Sincere” and said he had been waiting all day for the package.

Upon accepting the parcel, “Sincere,”--actually Marlow Moody--was taken into custody. Moody, 22, subsequently told cops that he had paid $1025 to an “unknown individual in New Orleans” for the phony credit cards (which he intended to use for “general living expenses such as food and gas”).

Moody (seen at left) was named Friday in a U.S. District Court complaint charging him with access device fraud, a felony. He was scheduled to appear today for a detention hearing in federal court in Tallahassee.

Last month, Moody pleaded guilty to a felony access device charge in Louisiana, a state charge for which he was sentenced to two years in prison. However, a judge opted to suspend the prison term and place Moody on probation for two years. Which allowed him to allegedly adopt the ill-fated “Yummy Sincere” persona.