Warning: It's Still Illegal To Have Sex In A Field In Front Of Kids


Meet Tonia Franklin and Anthony Hinrichs.

The Wisconsin residents were having sex yesterday afternoon in a field at a Madison park. They were doing this in front of a small crowd of onlookers, and were within about ten yards from a community center, where children reportedly witnessed the fornication. This is illegal.

Here’s how a police incident report described the scene:

“Monday afternoon, the Dane County Communication's Center received several complaints about a couple having sexual intercourse in a field at Warner Park. When an officer arrived, there were 10 people - or so - watching the couple. The man and woman, who were covered in grass and dirt, attempted to walk away from the officer, but were later arrested. The woman spit on two officers, and bit the hand of another, while fighting with police.”

Franklin, 32, and Hinrichs, 23, are each facing fornication and resisting or obstructing charges. Franklin was also hit with a battery against a police officer count.

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There was an incident like this in Portland several years ago of a couple having sex in a park in front of schoolkids. When the cops arrested them, they had to let them go, as it was not illegal at the time. The legislature and the city have since changed that.
White chick with the name Tonia, the name says it all. Were the parents brother and sister?
Weren't these two caught before doing the same thing? I thought I read about it on The Smoking Gun a year or two ago.
I wonder what drives people to do such things?