Police Arrest Naked Man Riding Unicycle Over Texas Bridge

A Texas man was arrested yesterday for indecent exposure after cops and scores of witnesses spotted him riding a unicycle naked over a bridge.

Joseph Farley, 45, can be seen atop his unicycle in the above photo, which was snapped by a motorist crossing the Highway 146 bridge in Kemah, a city 30 miles southeast of Houston.

Farley, who was not intoxicated, apparently stripped off his clothes at the base of the bride before beginning his one-wheel sojourn sans attire. He explained to cops that he enjoyed the experience of naked unicycling.

Booked into the Galveston County jail, Farley--pictured in the adjacent mug shot--is being held on lieu of $1500 on the misdemeanor charge.

As seen below, NSFW dash cam footage released by the Kemah Police Department shows Farley dismounting the unicycle after a cop pulled up next to him. A dispatcher can be heard in the background on a police radio relaying a witness account of a perp “riding a unicycle and he’s not wearing any clothes.” After the officer confiscated his ride, a cooperative Farley immediately turned around and clasped his hands so that he could be handcuffed.