Cops Actually Arrest Subway Sandwich Artist For Giving His Pals Discounted Grub

In a development sure to chill minimum-wage sandwich artists everywhere, a 19-year-old Subway worker was actually arrested yesterday for providing discounted food to his friends.

That’s right, the manager of a Subway in South Carolina (in tandem with a security officer) called cops to report that Camron Frost provided pals with “sub sandwiches, drinks, and cookies at an unauthorized discount rate ($1.50).”

Subway officials contacted the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office after reviewing security camera footage and credit card records from Monday, when the discounted food was allegedly provided to Frost’s cronies.

According to a sheriff’s report, Frost was questioned by a deputy yesterday at Subway, and recalled that his friends, who were short on cash, “texted him and asked if they could get some subs.” Frost acknowledged providing the food, which he rang up solely as cookies priced at $1.50.

Frost, pictured in the above mug shot, was arrested inside the Subway for breach of trust, a misdemeanor. After three hours in custody, he bonded out of the county jail by posting $1000 bond. Frost has been barred from returning to his former place of employment.

The report does not offer any insight as to why Subway officials opted to call in the cops--instead of just firing Frost--over a few embezzled $5 Footlongs.