Couple Arrested After Putting On Amorous Act Inside Massachusetts Strip Joint

An amorous couple is facing criminal charges after allegedly causing a disturbance at a Massachusetts strip club where they got handsy while seated in front of the stage.

Security staffers at Ten’s Show Club in Salisbury told cops that Alysson Siopes, 30, and Daniel Tromp, 28, “began to do ‘inappropriate’ things while sitting in the front row near the stage” early Tuesday morning.

According to a police report, Tromp’s “hands were all over” Siopes’s body, and he “reached up an undid her bra.” Siopes then “began to undo” Tromp’s pants and “made a motion like she was ‘about to give him a blowjob.’” Security guards then intervened and asked the pair to leave. When they refused, 911 was called.

When cops arrived, Tromp, who was “highly intoxicated,” again refused to leave the strip joint. So he was arrested for disorderly conduct. Siopes was subsequently arrested on the same charge when she persisted in yelling at officers outside the club.

During a court hearing Wednesday, Tromp and Siopes (seen above) were each ordered to pay $50 fees. If they avoid additional legal trouble over the next three months, the misdemeanor charge will be dismissed.

Ten’s Show Club covers 16,000 square feet and has four dancing stages and VIP sky boxes. Additionally, patrons can enjoy “table side tee shirt shows”--from $50 and up--that include a “personal table dance & collectible t-shirt.”