New York Woman Pleads Guilty To Trying To Sink Cop With Her Pink Torpedo

A New York State woman has pleaded guilty to striking a policeman in the forehead with a foot-long pink sex toy, according to court records.

Lisa Anderson, 47, copped to a misdemeanor harassment charge in connection with a late-April confrontation with a Watertown Police Department officer. Anderson was sentenced 10 days ago to time served and ordered to pay fines totaling $120.

According to a police report, cops encountered Anderson when they were dispatched at 3 AM to a Watertown apartment building to deal with an unwanted visitor. As she was being escorted from the apartment of a male friend who had called 911, Anderson retrieved the sex toy from a chair and threw it at Officer Jonathan Pitts.

The airborne dildo--which investigators estimated was "approximately twelve inches in length"--struck Pitts in the head. Anderson then “attempted to swing her fist at Officer Pitts,” but she was quickly restrained and placed under arrest.

Pitts was uninjured by Anderson’s attempt to sink him with her pink torpedo.